Episode 1 – An Introduction


Welcome to Freelancer Voices podcast.

Why produce this podcast?

  • Mike Bell has worked as a freelancer for over twenty years – both in-house and as a jobbing designer from home and remote office spaces (usually sheds).
  • Freelancing can be the answer to many lifestyle and financial concerns, but it can also be a viper’s nest ready to sting you, and your family.
  • Recent seismic shifts in the workplace – around the world – following Covid-19 [and Sars before that] mean that freelancing is suddenly the only option for many talented individuals.
  • This podcast will not be telling you the facts about freelancing (home country GOV websites are full of protocols and support), but letting people who have been freelancing – in various industries – about how they do it – day-to-day – and how they get through those tough times – and the ridiculous times too.
  •  Mike will be introducing a different freelancer each week – from various industries – and asking them for an elevator pitch. Being freelancers, pitching themselves after many years of not thinking about it, can be quite an eye-opener for them and for us.
  • Mike will be asking guests:
    • What do they do?
    • Who is the boss?
    • Where do they work?
    • What do they think of working in-house vs. working from home spaces?
    • What are they doing to continue to educate themselves, if at all?
    • How do they make money?
    • How do they set a ‘rate’?
    • How do they get late/overdue money?
    • How do they sell themselves?
    • What are the stresses – cash to loneliness?
    • What does time off look like?
    • What did they want to be, aged 10?
    • .. and other questions too.

Published by Mike Bell

Mike Bell writes one poem every day in order to retain his mental faculties - one a day since 5th November 2015

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